Save time, experience the “golden ticket”!

Time is precious! The “golden ticket” for business class on Vietnam Airlines would save passengers time by providing speedy ground services and perfect, synchronized facilities.
Furthermore, the convenience provides a peaceful and comfortable psychological state, allowing travelers to fully enjoy their flight!
Let’s look at the ground services provided by Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class:
✨ Priority check-in counters
✨ Luggage with priority tag
✨ Priority checked luggage pick up at destination
✨ Priority and separate immigration and security procedures
✨ Luxury Lotus Lounge
✨ Priority access to the flight
✨ Private check-in counter for connecting flights
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✈️ Fly Vietnam Airlines’ Business Class and enjoy 4-star-rated international-standard services on an extremely comfortable journey.
🔹 Priority ground services such as priority check-in counter and entrance
🔹 Modern and comfortable Lotus Lounge
🔹 Exquisite cuisine from Vietnam and the world
🔹 Private space with a comfortable seat and a world of entertainment
🔹 Attentive and professional services
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